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Always be at the forefront by remaining responsible

Fleet renews your computers and cellphones every 3 years to guarantee that your teams always have efficient equipment.
We give a second life to your old equipment to put an end to IT waste.


Provide the best equipment to your employees

The computer and the cellphone are the main working tools of your employees! Having high-performance, high-end equipment allows them to concentrate on their missions and contributes to their daily well-being.

No more delays and time spent solving IT problems. With Fleet, your employees benefit from recent and always up-to-date equipment.


3 years

is the optimal lifespan of a business computer.


Easily renew your device at the right time anywhere in Europe

The optimal lifespan of IT equipment is 3 years. Beyond that, it loses in performance and this can affect the productivity of your employees.

At Fleet we choose to renew the devices every 36 months in order to provide you with the best equipment.

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Give a second life to machines

Put an end to waste by preventing computers and cellphones from ending up in storage when they are replaced.

The advantage is twofold: declutter but above all add value of old machines. Refurbished computers and cellphones will thus be put on the second-hand market and will benefit individuals, schools or associations to fight the digital divide.

What happens to your Fleet computers and cellphones upon renewal?



fleetA specialized company refurbishes

fleetThe computer or the cellphone is back on the market for individuals



fleetTo schools

fleetTo associations fighting against the digital divide



fleetIf the state no longer allows the computer or cellphone to be used, its parts will be recycled

Our partner associations

In order to fight against the digital divide, Fleet is committed to donating some of the computers and cellphones at the end of their rental to associations fighting against the digital divide.

In 2019, around 20% of families had no access to a properly functioning computer (INSEE). Which widens inequalities in an increasingly connected world.

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Fleet takes care of recycling end-of-life computers and cellphones

Even when reconditioning is no longer feasible, your computers or cellphones still have value: they can be recycled. After dismantling the machines, the parts are grouped according to their components.

At Fleet, we believe that it is possible to consume more sustainably and reduce our environmental impact.

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Fleet allows us to optimize our cash flow by focusing our investments on our core business, while equipping our teams with high-performance IT equipment

Arnaud Le Rodallec, CEO@Zoov

Arnaud Le Rodallec
Arnaud Le Rodallec
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